Friday, January 4, 2008

Places I have stayed in Lancaster County

There are many fine hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns and whatnot in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It would be unfair of me to suggest any place I have not stayed in, however, I will share with you some thoughts on some I have stayed in. Keep in mind that most hotels in this area are exceptionally clean and most provide exceptional value for the money, depending on the time of year you are visiting. Many are owned and operated by Mennonite families and staffed by conservative Mennonite or Amish housekeepers and maintenance persons.

Country Living Inn:
I have stayed at this hotel twice and have enjoyed it both times. It is very clean, the staff is very nice and it's an overall enjoyable place to stay. The price of the rooms is great and much better than many of the overpriced hotels in the area. The only negative would be the TV-it appears to be a mid 1980s model. However, I highly recommend staying there. This is my lodging of choice in the PA Dutch Country.

Olde Amish Inn
I have probably stayed at the Olde Amish Inn or OAI as I call it at least 25 times. I have Amish friends in the area and visit once or twice a year and have for many years. I always enjoyed the OAI because of its value and cleanliness and their very nice owner. However, my last stay there in Nov 2005 will probably be my last as the motel has fallen behind the competition. The TVs are old, the beds are old, the furnishings are old, there was no wireless Internet. The place felt exactly as it did in 1989 to me. As much as it feels like home, there just seems to be a need for home improvement. The place is under new ownership which is sad because I really liked the owners. The new ones have a definite problem with the English language-just check their Website. They also have a problem with criticism as you can see on and for the fake review they wrote for their own motel on there. The place will probably soon reek of curry and be a total hole infested with the dregs and drugs of society. The best thing about this property is the back side view of an Amish farm and the nice gazebo.

Bird-in-Hand Family Inn
Very nice place. Overpriced for what it is. Adjacent to my favorite restaurant. Has an indoor pool and a mini-golf course adjacent. Also near a lot of stuff like the B-I-H Farmer's Market, bakery, etc. Still, I don't stay here anymore because it is not a good value.

EconoLodge North
Smells like Curry. A dump. Sandpaper towels. Cheap though, so if you are poor or a skinflint, this is the joint for you. Decent view on the backside.

Quiet Haven Motel
Very nice, conservative Mennonite owned motel. I haven't stayed here in years. Last time I did it had a TV with no cable and no telephone. Still, very quiet, clean and cheap. Only 15 rooms and they fill up FAST!! They now have cable TV, microwaves and fridges in each room. They probably do not accept credit cards.

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