Monday, April 21, 2008

Meeting Donald Kraybill

On Saturday night, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting esteemed Anabaptist scholar, Donald B. Kraybill. Kraybill and his son-in-law Daniel Rodriguez were signing their book The Amish of Lancaster County at Barnes & Noble in Lancaster. I think I flabbergasted him by presenting ten of his books and asking him to sign them. He was most gracious and said this was an historic moment and requested that Daniel make several photos of us together. We talked for quite awhile and I'm sure I was the typical star-struck fanboy, but I tried to carry on a pseudo-academic conversation with the master of all that is Amish himself. We compared stories and he asked me which families I knew and so on. He then held a wonderful book discussion and I felt like I had just sat at the foot of the master. It made me want to pack up, enroll at Elizabethtown and get a degree in this stuff. It was a truly awesome experience that I won't ever forget.

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