Monday, March 15, 2010

Isaac's Restaurant and Deli

One of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat in Lancaster County is Isaac's Restaurant and Deli. This local chain began in 1983 and the sandwiches are named for birds. Everything I've had at Isaac's is fantastic. Being that is one of the few places open on Sunday that I can't eat at here in NC, I made sure to stop in twice on Sunday this trip. Actually, I did the same last time. The first meal we had at the Isaac's in Strasburg. This is the first Isaac's I ate , several years ago. I've visited this one more than any of the others and typically have great food and good service. On this visit the place was very crowded and a bit harried, but the food was great. I had the wonderful Mallard, a roast beef, bacon, cheese, and mushroom pretzel sandwich with Ikey's Sauce. I also had the Tomato Pepperjack soup with butter garlic croutons. I can't stress enough how great this stuff is. I mean, it's fantastic. I never go to Isaac's without getting it, and I turned my wife on to it on this visit. We went to Isaac's at Greenfield after visiting with some of our Amish friends and had the soup again and a Fudgie Wudgie, which is basically an enormous ice cream & fudge covered brownie.

We met with our friend Sarah from the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitor's Bureau and her intern Amelia on Wednesday and had lunch at Isaac's at Greenfield. Sarah tells me she only gets one thing at Isaac's (The Black Heron) because it is so good. I get lots of stuff myself- this time I tried the Eaglet (a grilled ham & cheese with mayo & bacon on rye) with a cup of Tomato Pepperjack. Another great sandwich I've had at Isaac's is the Cormorant (cranberry-almond chicken salad with provolone cheese in a cheddar wrap.) We just don't have anything comparable down here in NC. I love Isaac's and can't wait to go back!

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