Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MugShots and Coffee on the Corner

I've already detailed our love for tea. Well, the other side of me loves coffee. I'm not a coffee or tea person, I'm a coffee AND tea person. I am exclusively a cat person, but that's beside the point. Staunton has two great coffee houses (maybe more that I'm not aware of, and then there's Starbuck's, which I think is great too), and we tend to visit them between plays when we have a lot of time to kill.

Coffee on the Corner is located next to the Blackfriars Playhouse on the corner of Beverly & South Market streets. It has more of a college/Bohemian atmosphere than the more upscale MugShots. From what I've seen of the clientele, MugShots caters more to the central business district and tourists while Coffee on the Corner is geared toward the Arts District and Mary Baldwin. Inside, the decor is eclectic and the lighting is dark. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will offer recommendations. They will also go out of their way to make sure you get what you want. My wife once ordered a coffee with amaretto but the barrista thought they were out, so she ordered something else. Well, he evidently searched around and found some more and made her original order. Everything I've had at Coffee on the Corner has been good. You'll occasionally see some of the ASC actors there, and we once saw Dave Matthews and his family enjoying a light meal there. Coffee on the Corner also offers free WiFi. I've not had food at Coffee on the Corner but everything looks great and quite tempting.

MugShots is located across from the Stonewall Jackson Hotel/ New Street Parking Garage on the corner of Greenville Avenue and New Street. I've had several of their house coffees and blends and all have been very good. I had a curried chicken salad sandwich here that was wonderful. They also serve Route 11 Potato Chips if you ask for them (they even have the elusive, breath-taking Mama Zuma's Revenge). They also offer an impressive selection of sweets and I have had two different scones; a cranberry orange & a blueberry. I'm a big fan of scones, and somewhat of a connoisseur, and MugShots' scones are as good as I've had. They have that wonderful, hard to describe, almost soda-bread like quality that sets scones apart from biscuits that so many people can't pull off. MugShots is nicely appointed, clean, and offers WiFi. The staff is also very helpful. My only wish is that they would install a sandwich/drink board on the wall rather than just small sheets of paper at the counter. Still, that's a small quibble for an excellent coffee shop.    

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