Monday, June 28, 2010


We finally were able to enjoy a sit-down meal at Mockingbird. We had previously been on a late night with a limited menu, but we had yet to experience the full menu. We arrived around 5:15 and were promptly seated. I had a hard time choosing between the Mac and Cheese with oysters, gruyere, and Kite's ham or the gnocchi with oyster mushrooms, shrimp, and pancetta. I went with the Mac and Cheese on my server's suggestion. My wife ordered a risotto with a fried goat cheese cake that was bursting with all kinds of flavors. My mac and cheese was really good with many types of complementary flavors: smoky, oyster liquor, country ham. Needless to say, it was very filling. Of course, not so filling that we skipped dessert. I ordered a  very good fruit cobbler and my wife had an amazing chocolate mousse s'more; one of the best desserts we've had. The marshmallow was torched just right to give it that campfire goodness. We had an excellent server as well who was quick to offer suggestions and owner Wade Luhn came by to deliver our food and later to make sure things were going well.

The great thing about Mockingbird is their commitment to the near exclusive use of local ingredients. My only quibble with the restaurant is the rather limited menu- not in variety so much, but in the number of available entrees. The entrees are certainly imaginative and artisan, but less adventurous eaters might have a hard time selecting. I'm not one of those people, however. Mockingbird is a solid choice in the great, burgeoning dining scene in Staunton. Also, be sure to check out live music and documentaries and other films at Mockingbird's music hall.

Music Hall at Mockingbird. Photo courtesy of Mockingbird's Website and photograph by Kevin Blackburn.

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