Monday, July 5, 2010

Deep Creek Lake, MD

I recently took a short trip to McHenry, MD and Deep Creek Lake. I had never been to Western Maryland and didn't know what to expect. I must say, it is certainly rural, but it is breathtakingly gorgeous. We went up a route called the Hog Trench through the George Washington National Forest in Virginia and West Virginia and some beautiful but tough mountain roads. We only passed three gas stations until we arrived in Garrett County and even fewer restaurants. We did see a bear on the side of the road at the peak of one of the mountains. We also saw several wind power farms which were pretty amazing to behold. We stayed at a bed & breakfast that was less than adequate. It was in a beautiful location but was not very professionally run or maintained. It had a poor excuse for a television with 5 channels, unless you wanted to watch the TV in the owner's living room. The linens on the bed were very poor, the pillows extremely flat, the mattress was popping springs left and right, and toiletries were a mish mash of complimentary ones pilfered from hotel chains. We were also in town on business and were unable to access the Internet due to not having WiFi. The innkeeper acted like she had never heard of it! So, to summarize, don't stay at Windy Knoll Bed and Breakfast if you go to Deep Creek Lake. Stick with some of the resorts on the lake.

The lake itself is beautiful and the area is an adventure and outdoor lover's dream. This is a very rural area but there are ample places to eat and shop. We ate at a place called Santa Fe Grill and had a good meal. I had a crab cake sandwich and sweet potato strings, both of which were very good.