Monday, April 11, 2011

Disappointment at Baja Bean

My wife and I really enjoyed eating at Baja Bean in Staunton. Our favorite menu item was the black and white chimichanga. The restaurant was closed for a good bit of the early part of the year due to remodeling. I assumed they would make some changes to their menu, but was shocked at how much they scaled it back. Of course, our black and white chimi was gone, and the only chimi option had gone way up in price compared to the one we used to get. There also was no vegetarian section on the menu. While I am not a vegetarian, I typically eat that way when eating Mexican food. Anyway, we both were disappointed and asked about the omission of the black & white. Our server, who is an excellent server and a nice guy, told us that he thought there was a problem with the beans and the oil in the deep fryer that led to the decision to kill the black and white. I'm not sure about that, but whatever, it's gone. So, we ordered burritos that were OK, but honestly not as good as what I could get at Moe's or especially Chipotle. The burrito would have been much better without the overly tangy and spicy ancho chili sauce covering it. My wife knew immediately that she would have trouble digesting the sauce and sure enough, she was sick the next day. I talked to several Stauntonian friends who are also disappointed with the changes in the menu, the seating (the booths have definitely shrank). So, with the new menu change we probably won't be returning, which is regrettable because we really enjoyed it.