Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shenandoah Pizza/Shenandoah Hops

I just got back from another Staunton jaunt and I had the pleasure of eating at Shenandoah Pizza. While the pizza is the best you will find anywhere, my favorite food item is the wings. Owner John Huggins makes sure to get the meatiest, highest quality wings and offers several different sauces: barbecue, hot, XX hot, naked, and General Tso's. Johnnie told me to look out for a new flavor soon, an Eastern Carolina barbecue sauce called Fab-bu-lous Sauce that he will be offering soon. I had a party with some of the actors at the American Shakespeare Center back in January and ordered 100 wings from Shenandoah Pizza of different varieties. The wings were a huge hit with everyone at the party (and an extra thanks to Johnnie for throwing in some extras). We all like using Shenandoah Pizza's pizza sauce (the best I've ever had) as the dipping sauce.

Shenandoah Pizza recently began offering gluten free wraps. My wife is very gluten intolerant and has been forced to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle. She has eaten the gluten free wraps twice and thinks they are wonderful. The first one she had was the Club Staunton; it features ham, smoked turkey, and bacon. The second one was the Sears Hill, named for a Staunton landmark. That wrap is a turkey, bacon, Swiss, and ranch, though rather than ranch she opted for the pizza sauce. Shenandoah Pizza also offers gluten free pizzas, though we have yet to try them. Another of my favorite items are the cheese breadsticks, the finest I have ever had. If they would just start making those gluten free as well I'd be a very happy camper.

Huggins also owns nearby Shenandoah Hops with his wonderful wife Cheryl. Hops is a place with an amazing selection of beers and many locally made/owned products. It's always worth stopping in to see what's new. I especially like the locally made soaps he stocks. Johnnie is also a concert festival promoter and brings jazz, blues, country, and bluegrass festivals to the Valley throughout the year. In short, Huggins is a great guy and a big time community leader and I like to call him "the hardest working man in Staunton." So, if you want the best wings and pizza east of the Mississippi, stop in at Shenandoah Pizza and don't forget to shop at Hops.

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