Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Twelve Dates of Christmas starring Allison Glenzer

I've seen every run of The Twelve Dates of Christmas at the ASC. The first two were performed by the writer: ASC veteran Ginna Hoben, and the last two by Allison Glenzer. While the story remains the same, both actors bring their own nuances to the role. Glenzer's performance this year is a bit more emotional than Hoben's, whereas Hoben excelled with the comedic bits. That's not to say Glenzer doesn't follow through with the laughs; the crowd was howling all night, but they were also ooing and awwing and shedding a few tears as well. All in all, this is a really good production (I personally think it holds up much better than the greying at the temples Santaland Diaries and is a better play in general) and Glenzer turns in yet another masterful performance.
Allison Glenzer as Mary in The 12 Dates of ChristmasPhoto by Michael Bailey.

To those not familiar with the story, the play is about a New York City based actor in her mid-30s, from Ohio named Mary. Mary loves the holidays (especially Thanksgiving) until she sees her fiance passionately kissing his sluttish co-worker during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. To further the humiliation, she sees the betrayal on national TV while attending Thanksgiving lunch at her parent's house in Ohio and receives an alarming number of phone calls and texts about the televised tryst. Mary dumps her fiance, deposits her engagement ring in a Salvation Army kettle, and attempts to get on with her life. She's set-up on a series of comically bad and bizarre dates by friends and family (Exercise Sally and Aunt Cathy are the best) for the next year.

Joining Alli on stage are Bridget Rue and Stephanie Holladay Earl as the "Doo Wop Girls." They and Chris Johnston provide the musical entertainment before and during the play. You'll even get to hear a couple of original holiday songs by Johnston ("Come Back Home (this Christmas)" is available on iTunes). If you like a little sass with your holiday stories, then this play is the one for you.

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